Movie reviews – Collateral beauty 

So I’ve recently started to get myself into the habit of having a movie weekend, where u just binge what whatever the latest movies are because otherwise I would never have the chance.  So last weekend I watch a number of movies, one of them being collateral beauty.   I absolutely ADORED this movie, and I cannot believe that it has so many bad reviews.  Yes it’s not will smiths usual happy go lucky movie and moments can be confusing if you think too much into it but overall I  really enjoyed.    

This movie definitely tugged at your heart strings, especially if you have ever lost a child or known someone that has lost a child and experienced that pain a long with them.  

The movie deals with everyday issues such as death, love and time and it deals with it in such a beautiful way.  I won’t say too much, because I don’t want to give any spoilers.   But if you love a movie that tugs at your heart strings and makes you cry then this one is for you and will smiths performance in this movie is one of the best I have ever seen!!!! I love this man!!!


Ps….pro mascara review …..glossybox 

​So I received this mascara in my glossybox and honestly I was not  impressed. I tried it pretty much straight away and I found that yes it gave me a bit of lift but it caused my lashes to stick together, so instead of looking as if I had lashes I just had horrible clumps.  The mascara isn’t waterproof so a bit of sweat caused it to drip down my face.  So when I Googled it and realised it was a £3 primemark product, so I guess in that sense you get what you pay for.  But I never would have bought this and I wouldn’t recommend it, personally I don’t even think it’s worth the £3.   So this is a piss poor product and a complete disappointment. We all want to find that low budget product that works wonders, well ladies and gents this isn’t it.  I wouldn’t even give it away to a friend.  

Beauty boxes 

So I finally gave in to the whole beauty boxes trend and decided to subscribe.  for various reasons I subscribed to two different ones.   The ever popular Birch box and also glossybox.  They both have the same cost price + shipping.  These seemed to be to be the best for value, however there are more that are available to you, at higher and lower prices.  If I could have I would have opted for ipsy which is an American brand, that is a lot more tailored to you.  Whereas with glossybox as far so I’m aware everyone gets the same products every month, whether it is something you want or not. Whereas with Birch box I feel there is a bit more variation as to what everyone gets.  However, my research has led me to believe that ipsy gives a lot more variation for the same price point and it also is tailored to what you would like to receive.  

( birchbox )  from what I can tell the packaging is different every month. However this is my first subscription so I can’t be sure, what I can tell you is that this box was smaller in size to the glossybox.  

A lot more love and care is given t0 the glossybox in terms of packaging. 

The presentation for the glossybox is truly beautiful and you feel aa if you are receiving a gift.  This month there were a to total of 5 items.   3 beauty products and 1 hair product and 1 facial cleansing product.  The variety of the products is brilliant however, the quality of the products may be a bother story , this will be discussed further in a future post when the products have been tested thoroughly.  

The presentation of the Birchbox was nothing exciting, however with this box you recieve a booklet which gives some details on the products received.  In this box I received  two hair products, 2 beauty products and a facial mist.  One of the products was already damaged upon receiving which was the eyebrow comb, the head fell off and is not secured with any kind of adhesive.  However further commentary on the products will be made available in a later blog once the products have been tested .  

Well those are my thoughts so far Ladies and gents and I hope to bring more to you soon 🙂 

Signing out UFO 

Make-up reviews that are less than honest…

The first thing I do before I buy anything is going online and search for reviews on said product.  I am sure there are plenty of people out there who try to do the same thing because in this economy no one wants to be wasting money on products That they cannot bloody well use.  however the problem lies when companies start sponsoring people to review their products and these people become a little less than honest, which has to be the most annoying thing in they the world, because I expect honest reviews that are going to help me save money and not waste my time.  The number of times I have bought a product to only be disappointed is unreal.  This isn’t just limited to beauty products but all types of products, from books to movies, from nail Polish to hair vitamins.

I feel as though I need to step in and make my mark just so I know that there is at least one honest reviewer out there.

The environment?

The other day I got told that when climate change becomes a major issue, my generation will be the one to blame.  I find that the most ridiculous thing I have every heard.  Humanity is whats going to fail the future generations, not my generation.   If all the wealthy and developed countries came together and decided ‘hey lets fix the world’ we wouldn’t be in the state that we are.  Famine would not be an issue.  The reason that america, England and all the other countries don’t pull together, is because they cannot risk these under-developed countries to rise and be on the same level, how else will they have control over their resources?  Because that’s what they like to do, they take their resources and leave them with nothing until they’re no use to them.

Blog or No blog?

So I had decided that I would try to blog, I started and then I got busy.  But This is definitely something I want to pursue. I’m a writer and I like to write, and I think blogging is a great outlet.  However these days I have been much more preoccupied with reading.  All I can say is that I have missed reading, I missed reading something other than an academic book that will decide whether I fail or pass my degree. I admit Right now I may be procrastinating just a tiny bit, but stress definitely is not a motivator.  But no way in hell do I ever plan on failing. I will beat this academic B*llshit.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for higher education, but sometimes I question the ones who ‘teach’ us.  With little to no guidance, and no support.  I’m not paying 9 grand per year just to stress and overeat and lose my hair, with no ounce of support from my tutors.  I expect better, regardless of how crappy the institution may be.  Do not rob me of my money, if you’re not going to support me in getting the highest grade possible and reaching the best of my potential.  If my generation is the future, then please give me a bit of help so I we don’t screw up.