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No views on my post yet, Kind of gutted.  I was expecting to be blog famous my first day.  At this point I do feel like I am talking to myself.  However that isn’t all that unusual.  Which I shouldn’t be all that happy about.

Lets see…Do I have anything new to report?

Well it was HALLOWEEN on saturday.  I love Halloween but it was a shame that I was working, but we had fun.  We dressed up and scared the bejeezas out of out customers.  Walked into one room and announced I was there for his soul.  There were  a few tears, but no heart attacks.  Only joking, it was all good fun and the customers seemed to enjoy themselves.  I do love my old customers.  I did get told by one of my favourite customers that he was definitely young enough to giive me a baby 😕  disturbing and probably the scariest moment of the whole weekend.

How about you guys?  Any Halloween stories to share?


3 thoughts on “No views

  1. Hi UFO (great blog name btw), I’m sure by now you’ve had plenty of views on your blog but just thought I’d pass on some good advice I got when I started (which I’m still learning to stick to)…
    1. Write for yourself first – if others read what you write that’s a bonus but write about the things that touch your soul before you worry who is reading.
    2. Develop your own style – eg. if your blog is about relationships or faith try to avoid randomly writing about the latest app (unless it helps you have better relationships).
    3. Share your blog on social media and ask your friends to do so too. Also add widgets to your blog so others can share it.
    4. (This is the best advice that I have received) Every time someone reads your blog they are giving you about 5 minutes of their lives – what a privilege! So if just one person reads it they have made writing it completely worthwhile.
    I’ve been on your blog for about 20 mins now and really enjoyed your take on life and your faith. Thanks for writing!! 🙂

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    1. Haha thank you, I thought it was quite creative of me. Thank you for the advice as I do appreciate it.

      I agree I do need to write for myself and that is my plan, I think I just felt like I needed to post something haha and so I wrote the first thing that came to my mind, I think it was supposed to be a joke haha.

      At this point I don’t know what my blog will focus on, I think it will be about my thoughts on that particular day, maybe even short stories. I think i it will be pretty random, a lot like me.

      I don’t want to share it on social media, just because I’d like to remain anonymous. The things I would like to talk about will be quite controversial. I’m glad you liked it and I will try to add widgets (when I figure out how to do that) haha

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