Blog or No blog?

So I had decided that I would try to blog, I started and then I got busy.  But This is definitely something I want to pursue. I’m a writer and I like to write, and I think blogging is a great outlet.  However these days I have been much more preoccupied with reading.  All I can say is that I have missed reading, I missed reading something other than an academic book that will decide whether I fail or pass my degree. I admit Right now I may be procrastinating just a tiny bit, but stress definitely is not a motivator.  But no way in hell do I ever plan on failing. I will beat this academic B*llshit.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for higher education, but sometimes I question the ones who ‘teach’ us.  With little to no guidance, and no support.  I’m not paying 9 grand per year just to stress and overeat and lose my hair, with no ounce of support from my tutors.  I expect better, regardless of how crappy the institution may be.  Do not rob me of my money, if you’re not going to support me in getting the highest grade possible and reaching the best of my potential.  If my generation is the future, then please give me a bit of help so I we don’t screw up.


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