Make-up reviews that are less than honest…

The first thing I do before I buy anything is going online and search for reviews on said product.  I am sure there are plenty of people out there who try to do the same thing because in this economy no one wants to be wasting money on products That they cannot bloody well use.  however the problem lies when companies start sponsoring people to review their products and these people become a little less than honest, which has to be the most annoying thing in they the world, because I expect honest reviews that are going to help me save money and not waste my time.  The number of times I have bought a product to only be disappointed is unreal.  This isn’t just limited to beauty products but all types of products, from books to movies, from nail Polish to hair vitamins.

I feel as though I need to step in and make my mark just so I know that there is at least one honest reviewer out there.