Racism? Abuse? Child abuse? Sexually abuse? Why any abuse at all?

I just want to ask one vital question….

When did the western world start to move backwards?

I’m Muslim and I’m British by nationality, but I’m a Pakistani by ethnicity.   So I know first hand what it is like to face racism. I know how it is to endure abuse because I follow a particular religion that people don’t educate themselves about and make their own assumptions based on what is portrayed by the media or by the elder generation that hold old views where things were different, when people were ignorant on how the world works and how the world was created to be shared and not colonised, which I admit the British were a big part of (sorry for that on our part)

But we as humans in the western world, we began to evolve.  We learned from our mistakes.   We realised people of different colour were in fact people and not monkeys and pets or slaves. (though that took a lot of force)  we realised that women weren’t just created for sex, tobare children and clean the home. And again that was something that had to be forced.  the western world has struggled,  but we have moved forward to what we thought was a better future, where we could live as equals.   We had to fight for gay rights, which I think has probably been one of the biggest challenges faced for the western world .   It was made Illegal to physically abuse children.  That meant parents as well as children, hitting children was not to be used as a form Of discipline.   At this point I’m sure most of you know where I am getting at.   The video of the girl being physically and violently abused by a police officer.

So I am asking again, when did we start to move backwards?  Or has our generation not moved forward at all and it’s all just a fascard?

Who else grew up thinking ‘I will never treat my kids the way my parents treated me’ because I know that violence never worked.

Yet people still think it’s okay?   As if we didn’t have enough issues to deal with in the world, no wonder so many children are in foster care, no wonder so many children are dead. It’s because people refuse to move forward, we’re not all capable of it.  And that’s the sad honest truth.   At moments like these I genuinely begin to believe that there is no hope for humanity.

What do you think?


I think I will start with the fact that…I fell in love with a knobhead…Again.

It’s the kind of love that I am not willing to let go of, ever.  But I can’t help it.

I’m sure that by Looking at my picture you can almost positively tell that I am a Muslim girl.  Since I don’t know if anyone reading this has any knowledge of Islam, (Educate yourselves honestly) Let me break it down for you. Islam preaches Peace, Islam preaches loving one another as brother and sister, Islam preaches respecting one another, regardless of who we are.  Funnily Enough, today I got told by a white non-muslim guy (who freakishly resembles Russell Brand) that Islam is right up there with Buddhism when it comes to peace and tranquility and respect and serenity.  Practicing Muslims aren’t perfect, none of us are, being perfect would mean we are up there with god, but we’re not.  We were made to feel, we were made to think for ourselves, we were made to make mistakes…which eventually would bring us all to ALLAH(god).  But some people out there claim to be Muslims, and do everything that Islam is against, they read something and adopt the most extremist view they possible to justify their cruel intentions.  But Islam isn’t the only religion who has extremists, may I remind you all of the KKK.   Organisations such as these taint a religion and distort its true nature for the outsiders.  Religion is easy to blame, but no ones going to say that these individuals were just plain knobheads who defiled a religion. But yes, that is the jist of it.  Islam is not a bad religion, and neither are the people who practice it.

but back to my story….

Love…a relationship between a man and a woman of a sexual nature is against Islam.  We’re not allowed to date before marriage, at least not without an escort.  Islam is very old fashioned when it comes to such things.  You know what after this past year of having a boyfriend, I think I agree with it.  I don’t know how girls can just sleep with anyone, Having sex with my boyfriend actually makes me feel bad, I have every intention of marrying him and he has every intention of marrying me.  But knowing that he’s slept with so many girls, He’s had so many girlfriends before me.  It Bothers me, makes me wonder what made them so special? what makes me better than them?  I don’t see myself as anything better than them.  Because I’m sure he loved them all, but he still left them right?  So I’m giving a man access to my body, that one day might not find me worthy enough to spend the rest of his life with me.  So if he leaves, I know I will regret ever letting him get so close to me, my mind, my body, my soul.   He wasn’t deserving, if he was, he wouldn’t have left.  He would have seen my worth and he would have stayed.    So yeah I get it, I get why religions are so strict when it comes to sex, and relationships. People don’t see it this way, but god is trying to save us from hurt, god is trying to save us from heartache.  How can I argue with that?

I regret ever letting him touch me in that way, I didn’t want to.  I wanted to stick to my faith but I got weak and I gave in, but now I feel as if he has no respect for me…because he feels that if I’ve been this way with him, I must be like this with other men.  Men!!! Honestly You’re Idiots.  Not all women are sex junkies, we can keep our pants on and our legs closed, unless you use force to open them up. (which would be rape by the way, Under UK law, the sexual offences act, section 1)  read up.  Like seriously if you try that shit with me or any of my friends, I kid you now You will be eating your balls for dinner, and that my darlings is GBH with intent and zero remorse.  Funny fact, A woman Can’t be charged with ‘rape’.

I could go on, But I’ll leave it at that