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Racism? Abuse? Child abuse? Sexually abuse? Why any abuse at all?

I just want to ask one vital question….

When did the western world start to move backwards?

I’m Muslim and I’m British by nationality, but I’m a Pakistani by ethnicity.   So I know first hand what it is like to face racism. I know how it is to endure abuse because I follow a particular religion that people don’t educate themselves about and make their own assumptions based on what is portrayed by the media or by the elder generation that hold old views where things were different, when people were ignorant on how the world works and how the world was created to be shared and not colonised, which I admit the British were a big part of (sorry for that on our part)

But we as humans in the western world, we began to evolve.  We learned from our mistakes.   We realised people of different colour were in fact people and not monkeys and pets or slaves. (though that took a lot of force)  we realised that women weren’t just created for sex, tobare children and clean the home. And again that was something that had to be forced.  the western world has struggled,  but we have moved forward to what we thought was a better future, where we could live as equals.   We had to fight for gay rights, which I think has probably been one of the biggest challenges faced for the western world .   It was made Illegal to physically abuse children.  That meant parents as well as children, hitting children was not to be used as a form Of discipline.   At this point I’m sure most of you know where I am getting at.   The video of the girl being physically and violently abused by a police officer.

So I am asking again, when did we start to move backwards?  Or has our generation not moved forward at all and it’s all just a fascard?

Who else grew up thinking ‘I will never treat my kids the way my parents treated me’ because I know that violence never worked.

Yet people still think it’s okay?   As if we didn’t have enough issues to deal with in the world, no wonder so many children are in foster care, no wonder so many children are dead. It’s because people refuse to move forward, we’re not all capable of it.  And that’s the sad honest truth.   At moments like these I genuinely begin to believe that there is no hope for humanity.

What do you think?

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No views on my post yet, Kind of gutted.  I was expecting to be blog famous my first day.  At this point I do feel like I am talking to myself.  However that isn’t all that unusual.  Which I shouldn’t be all that happy about.

Lets see…Do I have anything new to report?

Well it was HALLOWEEN on saturday.  I love Halloween but it was a shame that I was working, but we had fun.  We dressed up and scared the bejeezas out of out customers.  Walked into one room and announced I was there for his soul.  There were  a few tears, but no heart attacks.  Only joking, it was all good fun and the customers seemed to enjoy themselves.  I do love my old customers.  I did get told by one of my favourite customers that he was definitely young enough to giive me a baby 😕  disturbing and probably the scariest moment of the whole weekend.

How about you guys?  Any Halloween stories to share?